SPC Data Collection for Industrial Manufacturers
What is a Data Collection Node?

Built for IT Administrators
IndustrialDashboard.com products are designed to bridge the data gap between the Server Rack and the Shop Floor Machinery in your manufacturing plant.

DBA's, Analysts, Developers, and Data Project Managers have tremendous experience within the world of servers, but sometimes struggle with technology to interface directly to production workers and I/O from machines on the shop floor. Likewise, automation programmers working with CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and PLC logic controllers sometimes struggle with technology to send real-time production data back to the Server Room.

Our products are designed for the IT folks. These products eliminate the need to re-program or re-wire the industrial machinery. Also eliminating the need for expensive modifications to the control systems of older industrial machines - ie. adding an ethernet card to an old PLC ($$$).

A typical installation of our data collection nodes do not require the services of specially trained automation engineers because we use our own sensors to detect existing movements of the machines and products. These data nodes do not require modification of the existing machine tool wiring or programming.

Experience Required
A working knowledge of web programming and database servers is necessary to properly install and use these data nodes. You will also need some experience with the PHP programming language. Example schemas and programs will be provided, but it is up to the customer to integrate these products into their ERP/MRP environment.


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